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About NSS Adelaide

Objectives and Vision


Provide a non-political forum, to bring together people of Nair community and strengthen the common bonds of culture, tradition, and way of life.

Provide a forum for the Nair Community members to meet and participate in the religious, cultural and social needs of the community.

Work for the upliftment of the Nair Community and represent the members in all reasonably practicable matters involving the Nair community.

Create and promote activities for women as well as youth to develop and encourage leadership qualities.

To function and render services to the community on a non-profit basis.

To do everything lawful for the achievement of the above aims and objectives.

Every year, NSS Adelaide, organises events as a measure to conserve and celebrate our cultural heritage and tradition, and encourages families to participate in following events:

  • Mannam Jayanthi – Celebrated on Jan 2nd every year to remember our Samudaya Acharyan, Sri. Mannath Padmanabhan.
  • Monthly Kudumbhayogam (Family get together) in which the Balasamacham children get to perform their activities starting with a prayer. There will be sessions that discuss and update committee’s current activities, also programs conducted by event management companies or trained professionals.
  • Family Fun Day – An infotainment activity will be held in public park during Dec/Jan for families and children to take part in outdoor games. A BBQ lunch will be arranged.
  • Appreciation and Recognition of Year 12 Students Academic Excellence – Cash awards and certificates will be presented to three top scorers of Year 12 graduates for their outstanding achievements.
  • Summer Family Outing -- A community camp will be organised for a couple of nights in and around Adelaide regions between January and March where members get an opportunity to spend more time with new as well as old members to strengthen the bond.
  • Vishu Fest – Cultural events, Vishu Kani and Kaineetam for children, traditional Sadya on banana leaf prepared by members, inclusive participation of members from other communities.
  • Ramayana Masacharanam - This event is observed between July and August of every year. A team of members will visit interested families to recite Ramayanam at their residence.
  • Onam Fest – Families will organise and perform cultural dance and music, arrange pookkalam and invite Maveli. Traditional Onam feast will be served on banana leaf.
  • Ayyappa Pooja – Every year during November/December, NSS Adelaide organises Ayyappa puja along with Ayyappa Bhajan and Abhishekam at the Ganesha Temple.
  • Dhanu Masa Thiruvathira – A rich cultural tradition celebrated by ladies. They spend the night taking part in thiruvathira dance and thiruvathira meal with puzhukku.
Our Team

Organising committee Members

Organising committee Members 2021-22

Manoj Radhakrishnan


Aswathy Hrishikesh

Vice President

Manoj Nair


Vishnu Sasikumar

Joint Secretary

Karthikeyan Thottekkat


Sajin Kumar

Resource Co-ordinator

Preethi Jaimon

Event Co-ordinator

Pranita Panicker

Women's Welfare Co-ordinator

Rahul Dev

Public Relations Officer
Well Wishers

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