NSS Adelaide, South Australia

Balasamajam – Activities for children


Balasamajam – Activities for children

Balasamajam is managed by a sub-committee to guide and support children’s activities via WhatsApp groups. The aim of the Balasamajam is to cultivate and develop leadership qualities among children, especially, to take responsibilities to teach their peers, with limited support from their parents. Under this initiative, there are two projects:

1. Athmeeyam :

It intends to develop spiritual and psychological wellbeing among children. Children who already learnt slokas are encouraged to upload their videos on YouTube to teach their peers. A YouTube channel named ‘The NSS Adelaide Balasamajam‘ has been created for this purpose. These slokas and keerthanas are performed at the beginning of every Kudumbayogam. Fourteen videos has been uploaded so far.

2. Harisree :

It is a project where children learn Malayalam literacy, also they listen to epic stories and understand the moral values in their life. Radhika Sajin has registered a Malayalam school under NSS Adelaide, in collaboration with Malayalam Mission, Trivandrum. Six teachers were trained by Malayalam Mission to deliver literacy class to our children. The plan for new school is underway.